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Gather information from customers securely and easily with SalesAssist, the Ultimate CRM Booster that automates and modernizes your sales process, right from your CRM.

Embedded In and Fully Integrated With Your Automotive CRM

Have a complete arsenal of every possible info-gathering widget in a single panel, right from your automotive CRM. All information and documents gathered enter your CRM in real time, with audit trail.

Completion Tools

A Ready-Made Tool for Every Info-Gathering Step

No matter what info you need to gather from customers, SalesAssist has an off-the-shelf widget to streamline your customer facing interactions, from e-Signatures to Document Collections, to e-Forms.

Get Docs

Collect documents in real-time

Allow customers to upload documents on the spot with their mobile device. Stop chasing customers to scan and upload documents and increase the speed and completion rate.

Complete Sales Faster with Automated Workflows

Info-gathering tools are scattered and don’t play nice together, we’re here to fix that. Connect all your info-gathering tools and create perfect custom-made workflows. Automate your sales team's work so they can crush sales goals.

Let Us Assist and Guide Your Info-Gathering Process

Gathering information and documents from customers is often the most time consuming part of the business. We’ll assist your team with smart suggestions based on real time signals, so they know who, when, how and what to focus on to complete more sales.

Completion Process Example

Dealerships That Turn to SalesAssist See 3 Instant Changes


Closing Rate

by completing sales faster

Saved Per Person/Mo

to do more value-added work

Positive Reviews

by streamlining the sales completion process

Let’s Simplify How Your Dealership Gathers Info from Customers